Cold Cuts

Versatile, eaten on the go and complementing any kind of cuisine, cold cuts make for excellent breakfasts. Kwality Chicken offers variants of sausages and salamis. Because they are ready-to-eat, they require minimal cooking. It’s the taste of the meats that is the highlight, with a slight infusion of smokiness or spiciness. 

Chicken Sausages are most popular from the cold cuts. They can be used in multiple ways with pasta, rice, hotdogs or chicken broth. Salamis are another variety of cold cuts that are as delectable. Chicken cooked salami with black pepper and red chilli powder makes for a great casserole dish with eggs, chives and tomato sauce slow cooked together on a pan. 

Cold cuts are truly the food saviors and they up the food game to a different level

Cold Cuts
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